Sunday, September 10, 2017

Latest News

Had 2 runners at Addington Christchurch on Friday. Both ran in Maiden Sprints over 290m. Feral Steadfast ran a 3rd and Feral Whanau ran a 5th. No excuse for Dexter (Feral Steadfast) because he led all but the last 30 Metres. Poor old Daisy (Feral Whanau) was meat in the sandwich on the run to the bend and recovered to run on well. Will be entered for this Friday.
Other news is that both the other 2 are just waiting for a qualifying trial.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Tried to qualify Darth this week but still no good. Was disappointed with his run but after talking to a couple of people who watched the trial they said it was pretty rough. When I went over him later that night I found an area of pain so feel a little happier after that. He will  now be on the a easy lift for a couple of weeks and then given a couple of solo trials to get him back on the hunt!

The others are doing OK but again a couple of small niggling injuries have limited the work time for a couple of them. Took two to Carrs Road trial track this morning and was pleased with how they went. Will hopefully be entering a coupe to run this week or next.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Free Galloping Pups

Dexter (Feral Steadfast)

Dove (Feral Dove Love)

Dexter (Feral Steadfast)

Furtherest to closest Daisy (Feral Whanau), Darth (Feral Kaiaka), Dove (Feral Dove Love)

Having a run. Feral Kaiaka in the lead

Dexter (Feral Steadfast) out running his wee sister Dove (Feral Dove Love)

A man and his dogs

Dexter and Daisy


Waiting for the less obedient ones to join the pack.

Feral Whanau, Daisy, more interested in the camera than posing. 

The pretty boy, Darth, Feral Kaiaka
Feral Dove Love, Dove, being tailed by Feral Steadfast, Dexter. 

Feral Love Dove, Dove, snuggling

Shock! Horror! Mick (aka Feral Grumpy) can smile! 

Reluctantly walking back to the kennel block. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Two pups have qualified.

Both Daisy (Feral Whanau) and Dexter (Feral Steadfast) have qualified to race. Daisy won her trial and Dexter came 2nd after getting pipped on the line. Both times were not the greatest but I hope there is room for improvement. Dexter is still a big baby so will be put away for a while to let him mature both physically and mentally.

Disappointing at the moment is the fact that both Darth (Feral Kaiaka) and Dove (Feral Dove Love) have failed to qualify. Darth is missing the kick badly and hopefully he will calm down when in the boxes soon. Dove I am not sure about at the moment but she seems to be immature mentally at the moment.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Feral Team

Darth aka Feral Kaiaka

Daisy aka Feral Whanau

Daisy followed by Darth

Dove, Mick and Dexter



Dove aka Feral Dove Love

Dexter aka Feral Steadfast



Monday, June 5, 2017

Retirement for Lizzie (Collison Risk)

Lizzie has gone to live with her daughter Mo (Feral Helen) at Mildred and Rons. She has settled in really well and seems to be enjoying herself.

Busy day at the Trials.

Took all four Pups to Addington Christchurch this morning. The weather was awful with a cold drizzle making it unpleasant for both dog and handlers. Gave Dexter and Dove their first look at the track and to be honest Dexter took to it well but Dove looked completely lost so will take her back for a handslip next week. The wide open spaces sometimes makes it difficult for some dogs to concentrate and this was certainly the case with Dove.
 The other two Daisy and Darth had a two dog trials with Ray Caseys pups and the all went inside grading time and broke the 18 barrier which was pleasing to see. Hopefully they will improve and the more experience they get running with other dogs the better they will become.