Sunday, April 9, 2017

Busy day at the kennels today. Took 2 to the OTB trial track this morning. Always nervous when they are having their first handslip but both Darth and Daisy chased the lure which was great to see. Hopefully they will progress over the next few weeks.
Two other of the litter, the more mature dog/bitch Dexter and Dove were taken to Bruce Danns place to be broken in. 

Digby below before he left.
Talking to Bruce he reckons Digby who has been there for 2 weeks is progressing nicely.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Minnie ( Feral Hoki )

Minnie has left the kennels and has gone to Nightrave greyhounds on the North Island to be re homed. It was a hard decision but we felt that she deserved a loving home. We were going to bring her in here but have decided to bring Ben ( Feral Poutini ) into the house. Minnie is a caring girl who always chatted her teeth when she greeted you. I am positive she will bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to her new home when she finds one. 
Other Kennel news is that Digby has gone to Bruce Dann to be educated in the racing game. The 4 pups left at these kennels have been well galloped and have been Carrs Road Christchurch to the OTB training track to watch others being schooled.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kennel view form the Drone !

As you can see on the second picture there is a bit of rain on the drones lens. The Kennel block is at the top and has room for 10 dogs. You can just make two pups out in the bottom run.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Sad to report that Zac who's racing name was Lots of Beersies and earned just short of $16,000 has been put to sleep by his last owner who was his trainer. Not happy about it and not the ending that any breeder wants from one of the pups we have bred. Certainly will not be having any of my dogs again. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pups at twelve months

Just a few quick snaps of the pups today. The pups are now exactly one year old and in the middle of losing their puppy coat. The change in hot to cold weather and back again isn't helping them lose it quickly. They are groomed everyday but you certainly wouldn't believe it to look at them. It is evident that they are at the "scruffy stage" of their transition from puppies to dogs.

Dan left just after Christmas to his new home so we are down to five pups. We have let them off in the paddock in ones or twos and seem to be showing a bit of pace out there. We are more than happy with what they are doing at the moment.

They all show character but the bitches are pretty feisty and full of energy. All of them seem happy enough. Handling isn't a problem and their walks has gone from lead training to just walking them although they do pull like mad when they see magpies when we are out in the paddock. The hares and rabbits haven't appeared yet when we have been walking these guys.


Dexter and Dove





Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sad News for the Kennel

We are absolutely gutted and devastated by the news the Sam had to be put to sleep because of an shattered hock in 3 places which occurred during a race last week in which he got knocked over. Sam was the most placid dog in the Kennel and it is still hard walking in to the kennel and seeing the empty space. He was a handsome beast who just took everything in to his stride. He was in fact going to be our house dog in a couple of months because of his caring nature. Sam raced 29 times winning 5 times and this was an achievement because at one stage i did not think he would even make the track because of a stopper pad injury.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Long time no post!

Will update the blog at the weekend with some new photos of the pups who are now 10 month old. They are growing in to fine specimens and all but one will be over 30 Kg and I think Dexter will weigh in around the 37 kg but he is a big lad and has plenty of condition on him. 

On the racing front Sam (Feral Coaster) ran in a heat of the Galaxy but with his box draw he found trouble on the bend and finished 7th. He ran in a C4 on cup night but again found trouble and finished 7th again. Hopefully he will get a run soon and prove he still has a bit to offer.

Sam in Trap 4